Zero to A320 Type Rating

Zero to A320 Type Rating

Have you always dreamed of becoming an Airline pilot? ACC’s Zero to Airbus A320 programme takes students with little or no previous flying experience to a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with 'frozen ATPL' and Airbus A320 Type Rating in 22 months. The Training is based on a well-tested formula for gaining flying competence and experience, from Single Engine flying, Multi Engine flying, Instrument Flight Rules conditions and Airbus A320 operation.

Zero to A320 Type Rating

Quality of the training has always been our main priority and the training delivered to our students is something that we are most proud of. Zero to ATPL program is entirely performed by experienced instructors with airline background and active airline captains/instructors.

Entire Training is performed on International Airports with constant ATC control and communication, from the very beginning of the training. Combined, it presents a perfect environment for you to get high level experiences in your future pilot career

Zero to A320 Training course outline

Phase 1: Private Pilot Licence & Night Rating training
∙ Theoretical Training (9 PPL subject & Night Rating theory)
Flight Training (with Flight Instructor and solo flying)

Phase 2: ATPL Theory & Solo Time Buidling 
∙ Theoretical Training (650 hours of Theory; 14 ATPL subjects)
∙ Experience Building (Solo flying - Time Building)

Phase 3: Instrument & Multi Engine Training
∙ Theoretical Training (ME theory)
Instrument Flight Training (with Flight Instructor)

Phase 4: Commercial Pilot Llicence Training 
∙ Flight Training (with Flight Instructor)

Phase 5: Airbus A320 Type Rating Training with MCC 
∙ Theoretical Training (Aircraft systems, Performance, Limitations, UPRT, PBN, MCC...)
∙ Simulator Training (16 MFTD/FFS simulator sessions; 64 hours of simulator training
∙ Base Training (6 touch & go's with Airbus A320 airplane)

After finishing the Training you obtain: 
∙ EASA Commercial Pilot License - CPL (A) with a 'frozen ATPL (A)' and Airbus A320 Type Rating

Duration of the training: 20 months
∙ Can also be done sooner, depending on your progress.

ALL-INCLUSIVE fixed and discounted price already includes:
∙ Entire Theoretical Training 
∙ Entire Flight Training - including Solo Flying
∙ Training Materials (access to Oxford & Airbus CBT and e-Books, subscription to AviationExam)
∙ All Exam Flights and A320 skill check
∙ Airport landing fees

∙ Instructor cost, fuel cost and VAT 
∙ Multi Crew Cooperation training (MCC)
∙ Line Orientated Flight Training (LOFT)
∙ Student's accessories package (Apple iPad with Apple Pen Keyboard,
  Kneeboard, personal pilot headphones, flight computer, plotter,...

∙ Job placement and recruitment support
∙ Accommodation support and Visa support (if required)
∙ Option of paying in instalments

Requirements for applying:
∙ Must be at least 17 years of age;
∙ Successfully completed secondary education 
∙ Proficient in the English language (verbal and written);
∙ Be able to obtain an EASA Class 1 Medical (can be arranged by ACC in Slovenia)

Career Opportunities:
After completing the Training course, you will have the skills and licences/ratings
necessary to choose from the following career paths;
First Officer in commercial Airlines operating Airbus A320 
Cargo pilot in logostic companies operating Airbus A320 
Airline Captain (after 1.500 hours of experience as First Officer)

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