Airbus A320 Type Rating

Airbus A320 Type Rating

Airbus A320-family aircraft are considered as one of the industry’s most advanced airplane and the winners in the narrow-body market. Aviation Career Center is here to help you become a pilot for Airbus A320!

Airbus A320 Type Rating

A320 Type Rating training consists of both theoretical and practical courses to prepare you for your pilot’s career. ACC offers You a wide pool of knowledgeable and experienced active airline instructors and usage of advanced simulators for a competency based training experience.
The EASA approved Type Rating training programme is performed out according to the highest standards of aviation training, using a practical and operationally integrated learning approach with all training carried out using computer-based training tools, Flight Training Devices (MFTD) and Full Flight Simulators (FFS).

With our extensive experiences in aviation and aviation training, we provide you with high-quality preparation for a successful future career on one of the most popular type of aircraft.

The Airbus A320 Family Type Rating Training Program consists of:
1. Ground school:
100 hours of theoretical training (CBT + Classroom)
2. Practical training: 48 hours (12 Sessions) of Airbus A320 MFTD and Full Flight Simulator training
3. Base Training: 6 Touch and Go's with A320 Aircraft

The Training Package already includes:
- All Theoretical Training and Training Materials 
- All Simulator and Flight training (Base Training)
- Instructor fees
- Skill Test session
- Landing fees
- Fuel cost
- Accommodation and Visa (if required) Support
- Job placement and recruitment support

Entry requirements
- Flight time: 70 hours as a Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of an aeroplane
- Medical: Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
- English language proficiency: ICAO level 4
- Licence: Valid EASA CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL
- Ratings: Valid EASA Multi-Engine (ME) and Instrument Rating (IR)
- Qualification course: MCC certificate of completion*
*MCC course could be integrated into your type rating training program

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