Private Pilot Licence - PPL (A)

Private Pilot Licence - PPL (A)

The aim of the PPL (A) Modular course is to train the student pilot to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) in day conditions:

Private Pilot Licence - PPL (A)

The aim of the course is to train basic aircraft handling, transitions through different phases of flight, familiarisation with local procedures, operations and communication at the commercial airports, airspaces and traffic surrounding them, getting a good level of proficiency in flying single engine piston airplanes and to teach a candidate a really good decision making system and abnormal procedures, to become capable of a safe hour building, and to set basics of the philosophy for later commercial and airline training.

With a PPL(A) licence completed, the student can fly for private purposes anywhere in EASA airspace, according to the actual regulations and limitations. The course is ideal for those aiming to taste the freedom of flying in their free time and the right start for all students, extending their flying into a profession with following modules.

PPL(A) course consists of:
Theoretical course (49 hrs of CBT, 51 hrs of classroom lectures), which covers 9 EASA prescribed subjects from: Air Law, Human Performance, Meteorology, Operational Procedures, Navigation, Communication, Principles of flight and Flight Planning & Performance, General Aircraft Knowledge, General safety.

Practical course which is conducted on Single Engine aircraft and covers dual instruction time as well as supervised solo flying, including a 150NM route, required to apply for the skill test at the CAA.

  • 100 hrs of theory (50 hrs of CBT, 50 hrs in classroom)
  • 45 hrs practical part
  • Landing fees
  • Exam flight

Entry requirements:

  • Age: min. 16 years when starting and min. 17 years for the exam
  • EASA Medical class I or II

Duration (theoretical and practical training): 4 - 5 months

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