Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Multi Engine Instrument Rating

The aim of MEP/IRME(A) training is to upgrade from Single Engine in obtaining the required proficiency in operating multi engine aircraft according to instrument flight rules (IFR), develop adequate attitude flying, and to get familiar with instrument normal and abnormal procedures from company's SOP, which is very important for further commercial & airline career.

Multi Engine Instrument Rating

MEP/IRME training program consists of:

  • 8 hrs Multi Engine aircraft
  • 3 hrs FNPT II
  • 2 hrs exam
  • Landing fees
  • Exam flight

 MEP/IRME entry requirements:

  • EASA PPL(A) or CPL(A) licence
  • Medical class I or II
  • Valid IR/SE rating
  • 70 hours as Pilot-in-command (PIC)

 Duration (theoretical and practical training): 1 month

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