Flight Instructor (FI)

Flight Instructor (FI)

The aim of the FI(A) course is to train licence holders to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of a FI(A) rating and consists of:

Flight Instructor (FI)

  • 125 hours of theoretical training
  • 30 hours of methodical flights in order to learn the different approaches in teaching the flight techniques.
  • 5 hours from total 30 can be mutual flying hours (with another candidate for an instructor).

During the 25 hours of the dual phase, the student will learn to demonstrate and correctly teach the PPL exercises & procedures and how to evaluate student's performance or correct the errors.

FI(A) course entry requirements:

  • Age: min 18 years when starting
  • Valid CPL licence, with SEP rating
  • Medical class I. or II.

Duration: 3 - 4 months

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