Commercial Pilot licence - CPL (A)

Commercial Pilot licence - CPL (A)

The CPL(A) training prepares the students obtain required proficiency in operating single engine aircraft according to commercial regulations.

Commercial Pilot licence - CPL (A)

The privileges of a CPL(A) holder:

  • All the original privileges from PPL(A) licence
  • Act as a co-pilot (first officer) in commercial air transportation
  • Act as a PIC (pilot-in-command) or co-pilot of any airplane enganed in other than commercial air transport
  • Act as a pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation of any single-pilot airplane.

CPL (A) consists of:

  • 10 hours of cross-country flying with single engine aircraft
  • 5 hours of single engine airplane with rectractable gear and adjustable propeller pitch

In case a student has not yet acquired the IR rating prior joining the CPL exam, there is a basic IR part included in the CPL course, and is completed by:

  • 10 hours of IFR aircraft

(This addition of total 10 hours is then reduced if IFR training is taken before CPL.)

  • Airport fees
  • Exam flight

A recommendation is that the students obtain ATPL theory before the practical CPL part, as the ATPL covers all the modules: CPL + IR. The students, aiming to a CPL licence, without ATPL or IR, can also join to the CPL theory only.

CPL course entry requirements:

  • Age: min 18 years when starting
  • EASA PPL(A) licence
  • Medical class I.
  • One flight at least 300NM long route, with two full-stop landings
  • Completed NVFR (5 hours of night time)
  • Min. 20 hours of cross-country flying
  • Completed CPL or ATPL theoretical exams
  • 100 PIC hours and 200 hours total flight time for the final skill test

 Duration: 1 month

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