NEW! Full IR Multi Engine Course

Full IR / ME course now available, performed with new Alsim AL250 simulator and Tecnam P2006 Twin Engine Glass Cockpit equipped airplane.  

With introduction of Alsim AL250 generic compact simulator into ACC, we have enabled the students to perform full IR on Multi Engine airplanes. Multi Engine Instrument Rating is a key step in progressing to type ratings on larger airplanes. Not only you become proficient in flying in IFR conditions, the more Multi Engine hours of training you perform, the more experience you gain as a future airline pilot, where flying is done solely on multi engine airplanes. 

Not only cost effective and price competitive, the simulator part of IR / ME course, provides a better training experience with high quality methodological approach. While on training, the instructor can pause the simulator, makes a briefing with the students, and then continues with the exercise, which in an airplane, is impossible to do.