Aviation Management BA/MA Degree

Our students also have an option to obtain a undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Aviation Management.

Aviation Management program is a unique higher education program in our country, whose foundation is determined by the need of the academic education of current and future graduate aviation professionals, managers and safety personnel.

Primary objectives of Aviation Management program are:

  • Improvement of the educational, scientific and research processes;
  •  Introduction and implementation of study programs, adapted to new developments in science and education process in global aviation sector;
  • Providing required resources for quality implementation of educational and scientific research activities in civil aviation sector;
  • Distribution of aviation and management related knowledge, allowing students to effectively and efficiently engage in business, professional and scientific trends;
  • Collaboration with educational and scientific institutions and companies in global civil aviation sector;
  • Providing students’ mobility in accordance with the basic assumptions of the Bologna Process;
  • Improvement of the quality system and overall educational process;
  • Constant training of our training personnel

Why choose the Aviation Management program?

The objective of the Aviation Management program is to educate highly-qualified civil aviation professionals, who are academically and professionally competent to perform their duties in civil aviation (passengers and cargo) and in general aviation. Aviation Management program provides the students an option to work in companies that are engaged in civil aviation such as airlines, cargo operators, business operators, Civil Aviation Authorities, ministries as well as other organizations and institutions.

The goal of Aviation Management program is to educate future aviation professionals by transferring modern theoretical and practical knowledge, competencies, abilities and skills for professional and responsible performance of their duties in civil aviation sector. After the program completion, the students will be able to perform their duties and tasks in the field of aviation management, air transportation, human resource management in aviation, implementation of laws and regulations in civil aviation, safety management in aviation, accounting and financial management, as well as engagement in scientific research in the field of aviation management.