Students about us

We've had the pleassure of providing our training service to students coming from all over the world. Here are some of their thoughts about us:

"I was happy and pleased to complete the Ab Initio ATPL with ACC, despite covid, they were really helpful and supportive, lots of flying, great little airport."
Niccolo, Italy

"I want to share my excitement and proudness of flight training completion by my son. I want to say big thank you to whole ACC team and especially to Miha, throughout 20 month ACC team did excellent job, was supporting and helping to my son and i want to say that i really appreciate it. Once more thank you very much for all your help. I wish ACC all the best, and i hope that Acc will become one of the strongest player in aviation market !!!"
Farhod, Uzbekistan

"Very professional airline pilot school with a nice fleet (glass cockpit
aircrafts and simulator). I trained my Ab Initio ATPL here and I was over 16 month. They offer a fulltime Ab Initio ATPL course in their training center in Maribor. The instructors are mostly airline pilots and former captains who train with a focus of airline standards. The simulator is new and the aircrafts are in very good condition and the avionics are on a high standard. I really recommend this school and was a hard time (learning) but I found directly a job after my training at an European airline."
Hans, Austria

"I highly recommend training in the ACC. There are working real professionals who are passionate and committed to transmit their knowledge and skills. I have completed the Ab initio Zero to ATPL training and must say I was totally surprised by the very high quality instructors, knowledge and experience. The atmosphere is always friendly and the crew very helpful. With professional simulator, Evektor and Tecnam fleet and well placed airport ACC perfectly prepares you to be a professional pilot."
Casper, Sweden

"With ACC I completed my training in 20 months and got important experience with many different airplanes, countries and airports. Maribor airport is excellent location weather- and flying-wise and since it is controlled airport and, expect to get really important experience with controllers and other scheduled traffic. As school, ACC has a nice brand new facility in Maribor airport which I really did enjoy. Staff is professional, works fast and cares about the progress of their students. ACC is growing fast and has potential becoming one of the best flight schools in Europe."
Miikka, Finland

"Very happy with the overall training progress, a lot of flying, great instructors, great airport, very helpful staff."
Eve, Norway

"The Team and the Managment is very professional, a lot of flying, so far very statisfied with my Training at ACC - Aviation Career Center."
Andreas, Germany 

"I had the pleasure of working with this team during my training. Very kind, cooperative and supportive individuals, and always ready to assist colleagues and customers. They have the required personality for the area of expertise. I really enjoyed working with them and still remember our first conversation before and after my Training. Also I was really impressed with their thorough professionalism and their enthusiasm to work. Their professionalism, attention to quality and detail is admirable and enthusiasm for continuous improvement and the highest standards is an asset to any organisation,that´s why I highly recommend them."
Marco, Italy

"Small school, but guys are very professional, the airport is great and I´m really satisfied."
Howard, UK

"Was training in Aviation Career Center, everytihng very profeasional and very nice training."
Jon, Netherlands