Our Team

Aviation Career Center was founded as an International Aviation Academy and is managed by a team of highly experienced Aviation Professionals and Training Experts. Our team consists of former Head of CAA Slovenia and ICAO Training Developer Manager to Airline Head of Training and Airline Captains. All us with extensive experiences in aviation training and airline industry.

Specializing in EASA Zero to ATPL trasining and Airbus A320 Type Rating training, we form a strong partnership between our students and training partners. Extensive leadership experience, combined with a knowledgeable training staff and a knowledge of aviation trends, lead up to an exceptional experience for our student.

As an EASA Certified Aviation Training Center, we focus on student's satisfaction through best price/performance training, comitted to provide highly skilled and proficient pilot to global airlines. This makes Aviation Career Center one of the most competitive Aviation Academies and Career Centers in Europe and a smart choice for earning your ATPL, Type Rating and job placement. 



Our senior Instructors Team (ME/IR/TR): Capt. Danijel Hren (Head of Training, Citation XLS Captain, Flight Examiner) / Capt. Jože Slana (Airbus A320 Captain, A320 TRI/TRE) / Capt. Janez Poglajen (Canadair CRJ 900 Captain, CRJ 900 TRI) / Capt. Gorazd Černe (Airbus A320 Captain, A320 TRI/TRE) / Capt. Sali Husein (Airbus A320 Captain, A320 TRI) / Tone Bračko (Chief Flight Instructor, SE/ME/IR)

Our junior Instructors Team: Nik Naveršnik (Flight Instructor SE) / Gaj Laznik (Flight Instructor SE) / Alessandro Evola (Flight Instructor SE)