Aviation Career Center's home-base airport is International Airport Maribor, which is located next to Slovenia's second largest city, the city of Maribor. The airport is easily accessed by road, train or bus and is connected with nearby highways. 

The airport is fully equipped with Instrument Landing System, Ground Srevices and Support. The students in that kind of environment proceed much more efficient with their learning progress, and get well adopted to the traffic situation and behaviour in such environment, during all flight modules, becoming competitive, successful and safe pilots.

Apart from the home-base airport, Aviation Career Center also uses other neighbouring international airports such as International Airports:

  • Graz (IATA: GRZ, ICAO: LOWG),
  • Zagreb (IATA: ZAG, ICAO: LDZA),
  • Ljubljana (IATA: LJU, ICAO: LJLJ),
  • Portorose (IATA: POW, ICAO: LJPZ),
  • and others...