Ab Initio Zero to ATPL

Ab Initio Zero to ATPL

The Ab Initio or Zero to ATPL training takes 18 months and is conducted in English language under EASA regulated environment. The training is performed on International Airport (Maribor). This allows us to train the pilots in a controlled airspace, with constant Air Traffic Control communication and thus gaining important experience for future career as a commercial pilot.

Ab Initio Zero to ATPL


  • INSTRUCTORS: Airline experienced instructors provide you with top of the line flight and theoretical training.
  • AIRPORT: Training on International Airport, provides you with priceless experiences for future career as airline pilot
  • TRAINING: Airline oriented training, enhancing airman-ship and usage of modern online training / flying technologies.
  • SAFETY: With perfect safety record, safety is not just a slogan for us, it's a way of thinking and doing.
  • LOCATION: Located in the heart of Europe, with connections to entire Europe in less than 2 hours.
  • STUDENT KIT: Student kit (iPad, pilot headset, etc.) for supporting paperless approach to training.

Using in-house developed and CAA approved online Training Management System software enables the training to be completely paperless. All study materials, operational documents, records and information relevant to the training progress are accessed with iPad, provided to the students at the start of the training.


STAGE 1 – Initial training
Training is conducted at our training centre at International Airport Maribor. The first phase of the training is 5 weeks of theoretical training and is followed by official EASA exams at the CAA.

After completing the theoretical training, you proceed to initial flight training, which is also conducted at International Airport Maribor. Weather, equipment and instructors are all first class, allowing you to concentrate on training to be a professional pilot in a highly enjoyable environment.

During this 12-week phase you will complete a total of 45 hours of single-engine flight training before taking your Skills Test.

STAGE 2 – ATPL Ground Training and Solo Experience Building
ATPL Ground Training is conducted at our training centre at International Airport Maribor. The first phase of theoretical training is performed as a self-study method, followed by brush-up lectures for each subject. Ground Training takes 24 to 28 weeks and as you are performing Ground Training, you will be able to apply for the official EASA exams at the CAA.

During this 24 to 28 week of ATPL Ground Training phase you will also complete a total 85 hours of single-engine Solo Experience Building (flying without flight instructor) and 5 hours of Night flying, thus gaining a solid base for further instrument flying

STAGE 3 – Instrument Flight Training
During this phase you will be concentrating on instrument training in a single and multi-engine aircraft in an all-weather IFR environment. Instrument flight training consists of 55 hours - split between single-engine and multi-engine aircraft.

Being located in the international airport in the center of Europe, you will find International Airport Maribor is well positioned for accessing the busy airways and the many highly challenging destinations - exactly what you need in order to prepare you for your future career.

STAGE 4 – Commercial pilot training
When passing the instrument training Skill test, you proceed to initial Commercial flight training, which is also conducted at International Airport Maribor. During this 2-week phase you will complete a total of 10 hours of single-engine and 5 hours of multi engine flight training before taking your Skills Test.

After passing the Skill Test for commercial flight training, you become a EASA licenced Commercial pilot with Multi Engine Instrument Rating and ATPL frozen.

With these licence and rating, you are ready to proceed to the next stage of training, which is Type Rating Training on Airbus A320 (optional).

STAGE 5 – Airbus A320 Type Rating (optional)


  • Age: at least 17 years old
  • Physical status: valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Theoretical knowledge: Understanding of Math, Physics, and English knowledge (secondary school diploma is acceptable for enrolment)
  • Previous flying experiences or aviation experiences are not required!


  • Contact us (fill in the form below): Acquire relevant information from us and discus the terms, conditions and answers to your questions
  • Application for Admission form: Providing your relevant information and documents for confirming the application
  • Signing the Training Agreement: Once the agreement is signed, the final step is the payment of the initial instalment you are ready to start the training.

Additionally we'll discuss the details assisting you in case you require a student visa, accommodation, transportation options, etc...

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