Ab Initio Zero to ATPL

Ab Initio Zero to ATPL

If you have no or little experiences in aviation, then Zero to ATPL training program is designed for you to become an Airline Pilot in 18 months. The Training is based on a well-tested formula for gaining flying competence and experience, from Single Engine Operation to Multi Engine Operation and Instrument Flight Rules conditions.

Ab Initio Zero to ATPL

Quality of the training is our main priority and the training that we deliver to our students is something that in Aviation Career Center are most proud of. ZERO to ATPL program is entirely performed by experienced instructors with airline background. The whole is performed on an International Airport with constant ATC control and communication, from the very beginning of the training. Combined, it presents a perfect environment for you to get high level experiences in your future pilot career

ZERO to ATPL course consists of:
Phase 1: PPL and Night Rating training
- Theoretical Training (105 hours)

- Flight Training (50 hours)

Phase 2: ATPL Theory and Solo Time Building 
- Theoretical Training (650 hours)

- Solo Experience Building (85 hours PIC flying)

Phase 3: Instrument Training
- Instrument Flight Training (50 hours)

Phase 4: Multi Engine and CPL
- Theoretical Training (7 hours)

- Flight Training (10 hours SE & 16 hours ME)

Total flight hours: 217 hours (including exam flights)
Total PIC hours: 100 hours (including exam flights)
Theoretical hours: 760 hours (classroom, self-study)

After completing the training, you obtain:


Duration of training: 18 months
(can also be done sooner, depending on your progress)

The training includes:
- All Theoretical Training 
All Flight Training, including Solo Flying
 Training Materials (access to Oxford CBT and e-Books, subscription to AviationExam)

- Exam Flights 
- Airport landing fees

- Instructor cost, fuel cost, VAT cost
- Student's accessories package (Apple iPad with Apple Pen Keyboard, Kneeboard, personal pilot headphones, flight computer, plotter,...)

- Job placement and recruitment support
- Accommodation support and Visa (if required) support
- Option of paying in instalments

Entry Requirements:
- Minimum 17 years;

- EASA Class 1 Medical
- Completed at least High school (or equivalent)
- All training is delivered in English, so English language knowledge is required

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