Airbus A320 Type Rating

Airbus A320 Type Rating

Airbus A320 Type Rating

Comprehensive A320 Type Rating training, for one of the industry’s most advanced airplane. Type Rating program combine innovative methodologies, knowledgeable airline instructors and usage of advanced simulators for a competency based training experience. The Type Rating trains pilots using a practical and operationally integrated learning approach with all training carried out using computer-based training tools, flight training devices and D full-flight simulators.

Ground Course

Aircraft Systems

- CBT Review

- Classroom lectures

Duration: approximately 14 - 16 days

Simulator Training

12 hours /3 session: Flight Training Device (MFTD)

36 hours /9 sessions: Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

Duration: approximately 10 - 12 days

Skills Test

4 hours /1 session: Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

Aircraft Base Training

6 landings required in aircraft

Course Duration Approximately 4 - 6 weeks


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