ZERO to ATPL - February 2018

EASA ZERO to ATPL pilot training on International Airport in the heart of EU

The training program starts with a 1 month theory (100 hours) and theory exams at the CAA. After the theory, the student starts with initial flight training (or training to obtain Private Pilot Licence), which is 45 hours of flight training with instructor.

Once you pass all the theoretical exams and flight exam with a CAA examiner, you continue with ATPL theory (650 hours of theoretical instructions - approx. 7 months) and solo flight experience building (85 hours). When all the exams for ATPL are completed at the CAA and you also complete the solo flight experience building, you move on to Instrument flying.

First is the Instrument flying on single engine airplane (50 hours) and then Instrument flying on multi engine airplane (11 hours). Final stage is the Night Rating (5 hours of night flight training) and Commercial flight training (15 hours of flight training).

When you pass the flight exam for commercial flight training, you are an EASA licenced Commercial pilot with Multi Engine Instrument Rating and ATPL frozen. And with these licence and rating, you are ready to start Type Rating on desired type of airplane (Airbus A320, Boeing 737, etc).

The training takes approximately 18 months and is conducted in English language in an EASA regulated environment, performed on an International Airport (Maribor). This allows us to train the pilots in a controlled airspace, with constant Air Traffic Control communication and gaining important experience for future career as a commercial pilot. During the training you receive 765 hours of theoretical training and 215 hours of flight training. 100 of those hours are PIC (solo) hours.

Using in-house developed and CAA approved online Training Management System software enables the training to be completely paperless. All study materials, operational documents, records and information relevant to the training progress are accessed with iPad, provided to the students at the start of the training.

- Age at least 17 years
- Basic sufficient knowledge of English, Mathematics and Physics (ACC can arrange lectures if required)
- Capable of holding a Class 1 Medical Certificate
- Previous flying experiences or aviation experiences are not required!

To apply for the next Zero to ATPL Pilot Training Program we require Application for Admission which will be provided to you upon your inquiry. After that we provide you with a draft of the Training contract will all the details regarding training progress, payment conditions and other details for review.

Once the agreement is signed, the final step is the payment of the initial instalment you are ready to start.
Additionally we'll discuss the details of our assistance that you require, such as getting a visa or a residency permit (if required), accommodation, transportation options, etc...

The cost of Zero to ATPL training program is 49.900 EUR in case of paying in instalments (up to 13 instalments). If you decide to make a one-time payment, the price is reduced to 44.900 EUR. The price is all-inclusive, which means that the price already includes all theoretical training, all flight training, landing fees, exam flights, student pilot accessories, iPad, VAT, etc… there are no extra charges.

The only thing not included in the price are the CAA (Civil Aviation Agency) fees, which need to be paid by the student directly to the CAA. Total cost of CAA fees for entire training program is around 1.500 EUR.

And no, there are no extra costs that we didn't tell you about...

Weather conditions in Slovenia are excellent for flying throughout the whole year, even in winter. During your training you will be flying all over Slovenia, you will discover almost every corner of it as well as our neighouring countries, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary.

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