Our Team

Aviation Career Center was founded and is managed by aviation professionals with extensive experiences in civil and military aviation.

Our Management Personnel consist of aviation professionals such as former Director General of CAA Slovenia, ICAO Certified Training Developers, ICAO Certified Training Managers, etc.

General & Accountable Manager, Mr.Sandi Knez
"Former Director General of CAA Slovenia & ICAO Certified Training Manager, Training Developer"
Picture: Mr. Sandi Knez with Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Integrated Management System Manager, Mr.Miha Gasperin
"Former Airline ATO General Manager, ATO Quality/Safety Manager & ICAO Certified Training Developer"

Picture: Mr. Miha Gasperin with Mr. Meshesha Belayneh, Chief, Global Aviation Training of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Our Training Personnel consist of active and former airline Captains, business aviation Captains with over 10.000 flight hours of experience, Type Rating Instructors, Flight & Type Rating Examiners, Airport professionals, Maintainance personnel, etc.

Head of Training & Chief Flight Instrctor, Capt.Danijel Hren
"Business Jet Captain with over 8.000 flight hours, Flight and Instrument Rating Instructor & ICAO Training Developer"

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Mr.Tone Bracko
"Active Head of Traffic & Airport Security Officer"

Capt.Janez Poglajen, Flight & Instrument Rating Instructor
"Airline Captain & Type Rating Instructor"

Mr.Nenad Dobrivojevic, Flight Instructor & Theoretical Knowledge Instructor
"Aviation professional & Integrated Training Study Graduate"


Aviation Career Center's management and training team aims to become one of the leading career centers for aviation personnel in regional and global environment, developing into a flexible and responsive center, offering a complete variety of specific training courses in aviation industry, specialized not only of providing training for students but to build careers for pilots.

Our primary focus is on high level of professionalism, excellence, safety of operation, flexibility, reliability and integrity.

Systematic and focused educating and training from student’s first steps in aviation, up to the highest available licences in civil aviation.

Integration of airline procedures, adequate student’s perception, information processing and planning.

Lessons based on airline operation (glass cockpits, SOP, POH, Checklists, M&B, Flow charts) enabling the steps towards a bigger passenger aircraft easier.

Our principles:

Quality - Excellent and optimized training programs, with our best instructors

Experience - Training based on over extensive experiences in training process 

Customized training - Complete training for zero experienced pilots

Organization - Optimal flight exercise scheduling for optimized learning progress

Know-how - Airline oriented professional pilot training 

Our benefits:

- Optimized trainingsyllabus, made by airline pilots for future airline pilots

- Every flight hour represents an optimal step forward in student’s overall performance, skills and personality

- Flexibility of training personnel

- Training focused on practical situations, combined with high theoretical training standards