Before starting

Aviation Career Center is an Approved Training Organisation, located on an international airport. Experiences gained throughout the training which is conducted with our experienced instructors are priceless in further development of pilot career.

ACC provides the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to fly as an airliner pilot around in a safe and efficient manner. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology, applying the latest industry guidelines and regulations and each moment of training is supervised to ensure that safety remains on the highest level.

All those who started out on the road to pilot training, the following steps will provide you with an understanding what needs to be followed in order to start your pilot training with ACC.

  • Review and select your preferred training program. We offer ZERO to ATPL pilot training, Zero to A320 pilot training, Airbus A320 Type Rating training, as well as separate training for EASA licences and ratings
  • Contact us to book a meeting on International Airport Maribor
  • Make sure that you meet the entry requirements for your training program.
  • Provide us with an application form
  • Obtain a Medical Certificate from a medical examiner 
  • Book your post and secure it with inital deposit
  • Start your training!

Do you require a visa to live/study in the EU? Email us for more information...

For an aspiring pilot, to obtain a Class 1 Medical certificate is initial step before starting the training. Holding a Class 1 Medical certificate is a mandatory requirement for all pilots in order to perform commercial activities.

Getting a Medical certificate 
The first step in the process is to contact us, so that we’ll be able to provide you with personal updates as the process goes on. The examination and required tests take approximately half a day and appointments can be made through ACC.