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Ab initio (Zero to ATPL) Pilot Training 

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Type rating Pilot Training

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Hiscox - Pilot training insurance

Hiscox - Global Flying Loss of training expenses insurance 

Hiscox Global Flying is offering valuable and inexpensive protection against the possibility of incurring considerable debt as a trainee pilot if you are unable to complete your training course and recover your training fees as a result of an accident or illness. Our loss of training expenses insurance meets the requirements of major banks offering loans for training, providing you with further peace of mind for the financial aspect of your training course.

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Main reasons why choose Aviation Career Center as your training partner

Training performed on an Maribor International Airport, which us to train the pilots in a controlled airspace, with constant Air Traffic Control communication, thus gaining important experience in your future role as an international commercial pilot

The training is conducted in EASA regulated environment and has the same structure and standards as in any other flight training organisation in Europe. Our training courses are in full compliance with the latest EASA requirements, providing a safe and competence based training. After completing the training, the student becomes a holder of EASA Pilot licence, which is mostly accepted worldwide.


The Training is performed by experienced flight instructors, most of them former airline Captains or aviation professionals, therefore the transfer of knowledge onto the students is on the highest level.

Using in-house developed Training Management System software enables the Training to be completely paperless. All the materials, documents and information relevant to the training is accessed via tablet computer, which is provided to you by ACC.

Our fleet of aircraft is carefully chosen to provide the best training experience and skill as well as helping YOU to adapt to the glass cockpit principle used in airliners, as easier as possible and as quicker as possible, to be ready for up-coming type rating trainings and airlines selection processes.

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