• AFCC, newest member of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS network
  • TDC - Training Developers Course - 14.3.2016
  • More than 30 years of experience

    AFCC aims to become one of the leading career centers for aviation personnel in regional and global environment,
    developing into a flexible and responsive center, offering a complete variety of specific training courses in aviation industry.

    Excellent & optimized training programs

  • "Ab-initio" Zero to ATPL to A320 Line Training
    "Ab-initio" Zero to ATPL Training
  • Type rating & Line training

Full EASA pilot training

Ab-initio to ATPL, Ab-initio to A320 Line Training

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Separated licences, ratings

All EASA airplane theoretical and practical flight modules from PPL(A) to IR/ME(A)

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Type rating & Line training

Type rating with MCC, Type rating without MCC, Base training  & Line training

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When to apply

Application processing time limits

Application processing time limits

The students from EU member states should apply not later than:

  • 1. group March 2016: 20.2.2016

The students from the states, requiring Visa, should apply not later than:

  • 1. group March 2016: 10.1.2016 

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Top 5 reasons why AFCC

The students are involved in a controlled airspace from the first flight hour and in a constant communication with the Air Traffic Control (ATC). The airport is the home base of Adria Airways, the Airline of Slovenia. The student is being a part of the dense commercial traffic and controller's instructions from his early beginning of the training, which adds to the quality of the training experience and value.

The training program has the same structure and standards as in any other flight training organisation in Europe. Our training courses are in full compliance with the latest EASA requirements, providing a safe and competence based training. The student gets and EASA Part FCL pilot licence, which is mostly accepted worldwide.

The instructors are providing you with an experience based training throughout the theoretical and practical part of the training.

Being an airline flight training organisation, we are able to generate our knowledge through actual experiences as a scheduled and chartered airline, passing it on to the students.

The cockpit design logic and system of available functions is helping YOU to adapt to the glass cockpit principle used in airliners, as easier as possible and as quicker as possible, to be ready for up-coming type rating trainings.

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