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01. 07. 2014

Zero to ATPL


201 aircraft + 5 SIM hours

772 theoretical hours

PPL + Night rating

ATPL theory

Hour Building





Zero to ATPL


209 aircraft + 56 SIM hours

797 theoretical hours

PPL + Night rating

ATPL theory

Hour Building




44.550 EUR

Type Rating

Base Training

Line Training

Airbus A320

Airline operators outsourcing service

Customized courses

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Updated: 05. 04. 2014

Complete Zero to ATPL training - 18 months

The new season of full ab-initio (from zero experience) up to "ATPL(A) Frozen" is planned to start on 1. July 2014, with PPL(A) theory module.
The theory lessons will be held until 4. 8. 2014, covering total of 9 subjects in 108 hours of lectures, based on Oxford books and materials.

The students will afterwards continue their PPL practical part of the training from August month and after their skill tests resume the training with their Hour Bulding program and the ATPL(A) - Air Transport Pilot Licence module, covering 14 EASA ATPL subjects - 650 hours of total study time, with Interactive Computer Based System Learning.

After the completed ATPL exams, the training will continue on their practical modules for Instrumental, Multi-Engine ratings and the final EASA Commercial Pilot licence, plus additional modules, i.e. MCC, according to their chosen training packages.

Please note, that the applications for this type of the training shall be submitted at least 50 days in advance for the purpose of acquiring a Temporary Residence permit for Slovenia (Non-Schengen countries); OR: min. 10 days in advance for the students from the EU member states.

To apply or to submit any additional questions, please, use the contact form.